Hull In New Varsity With Lincoln

University of Lincoln - New Varsity

Following the bitter split with York, Hull will host a new Varsity with Lincoln University on February 16th 2014.

HUU Athletic Union released a relieved and light hearted statement:

This event will offer an amicable ending regardless of the outcome (with Lincoln joining us on a night out after). It will be an event that hopefully [will] continue year on year.

Firm relationships have already been established between the two institutions and both sides are said to be ‘excited’ about the new prospect.

Last year’s VP Sport, Paul Harsent, began initial correspondence with Lincoln as the University looked for a more suitable and positive Varsity agreement – indicating that the decision to split has not been entirely the work of new VP Sport Roxy Legane.

The new Varsity arrangement gives the University and the Athletic Union a new opportunity and something positive for our Sports teams to look forward to and relish.

The failed relationship with the University of York should act as a lesson to our execs. With the right attitude and dedication to the cause, there is no reason why this year’s competition will be anything other than a success.

Joseph Cross

Sport Editor for The Hullfire

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