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Following the Complete University Guides revealing report, Ciara suggests ways to dodge dodgy doings.

The Complete University Guide this year revealed Hull Uni to be the worst place for student related crime. The report used official police data, dating from May 2012 to April 2013, to compile a list of the safest and most dangerous places to study in England and Wales. They looked at the statistics for the crimes that are most likely to affect students around each university campus. They looked at burglary, robbery and violent crimes.

The University of Hull is the worst place for these three crimes within England and Wales, not including London based universities. Hull has a burglary rate of 1.12 per thousand residents, a robbery rate of 0.06 and a violent crime rate of 1.40. Before we panic about these stats though, this gives a total crime rate of 2.58 per thousand residents which means statistically you are far more likely not to be a victim. It is also worth noting that our robbery rate is pretty low in comparison to other universities such as Manchester (0.26) and Birmingham (0.30).

But rest assured, the union is working with local police to ensure that student safety is a priority. Matthew Grove, Police and Crime Commissioner for Humberside says that the local police also work with the university to keep crime involving students to a minimum. There are few things us students can do to help reduce our chances of being a victim of either crime.

Burglars will target student areas as they’re seen as easy targets but you can help reduce your chances of being burgled by: Checking that your student house has a burglar alarm installed. When looking for a student house it is advisable to ask the landlord or company you’re with about any security systems in the house. Also check that all doors and windows in the house are secure before moving in.

Many burglars will attempt to break into a house via an open back door or window so ensure that you lock all doors and windows before you leave the house or go to bed, and make sure everyone else in the house does the same.

Never leave your goods, such as your laptops or TV on display. Be careful when opening the door to strangers. Even if the person claims to be from British Gas or your letting agency, don’t let them in your house unless they have ID.

When going out at night and leaving the house empty for hours it is advisable to leave a light or two on to give the illusion that somebody is home.

If you’re leaving your house unattended for the majority of Christmas or Easter ensure that you take all your valuables with you and that you lock up everything. If possible ask a friend whose staying during this period to check on your house.

It is always worth insuring your laptop and other important items with content insurance in case you do happen to get burgled, some items may even have warranties that cover such things. The National Union of Students recommends Endsleigh student insurance, and many properties come with insurance included., but check with your landlord first.

Violent crimes affect both men and women, and though it is exceptionally unlikely you will be a victim of violent crime in Hull, there are a few things you can do to help keep you safe.

Try to stick to well-lit areas at night. The campus recommends that at night you walk through the centre of the campus and not round the sides as it is the best lit area. The number for security at the Hull campus is 01482 466868 – save it in your phone.

When going on a night out, avoid going out by yourself. Try to stick with people you know and avoid going home by yourself.

Don’t leave your valuables on display. Keep them hidden in your pockets or bag and don’t take them out unless you’re using them or in a safe place.

Practise safe drinking. Try not to get completed wasted on a night out and be careful who you accept drinks from. Never leave your drink unattended.

If you’re on the bus by yourself at night try to sit close to the driver and not at the back or top deck of the bus. The night buses 106 and 107 run at the weekend. Both of these buses go all the way to The Lawns.

For further information on how to stay safe Women’s Committee will be handing out leaflets with safety information including bus time tables, taxi numbers and maps, and the neighbourhood police team will be around to have a chat with you during Fresher’s week!

Ciara Morgan

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